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What's your measure for self worth?

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Have you ever taken a look within yourself? What is it that you are aware of when you think about yourself? This can seemingly feel self absorbed and it is. We first have to take a look within in order to progress to a looking outward to consider those around us and our environment.

Many times people move through life with dirty lenses, which prevent accurate vision. The dirt builds up without time away to reflect and look inwardly at how we are living. The filth of a society obsessed with superficial measures of success such as relentlessly seeking of pleasure, sex appeal, money and possessions; all dirty our lenses and block us from seeing ourselves. We need a time out, a break away to contemplate the hows and why's of our life. Then we can ask and maybe begin to answer some really important questions:

Am I really living by my values? Have I abandoned myself and my needs? Am I ok, or am I putting on a mask to prevent seeing areas where I am hurting? Do I go through the motions or find meaning in my day? What moves me to passion and excitement? What wakes me up in the morning and motivates my day? What do I dread and what makes it all worth it?

Walking through life with dirty lenses keeps us from ascertaining answers to these questions. When we sit with ourselves we can begin to see ways where our self worth has been measured against unhealthy standards and values not our own. It's not too late to stop unhealthy living, change your glasses and begin seeing your true worthiness. I dare say the world needs you to be you! You are the only one we've got!

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