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The Practice of Presence

Updated: Jan 1


In Michael Singer’s The Untethered Soul we learn about the practice of being present.  He sums up being present as not clinging to what we want nor resisting what we dislike.  To avoid clinging to only good feelings, and not resisting what we deem as negative allows a simple acceptance of what is actually happening in the present moment.

When we cling or resist we get stuck and suffer.  The practice of being present is acknowledging all feelings when they come and knowing that they will also pass.  Resisting causes more energy to go to the negative feeling and we can get stuck in depression or anxiety.  Clinging also causes anxiety and fear about losing a state of feeling good or being happy. 

When we are truly free we accept what state we are in whether we like it or not.  We can remain grounded in the truth that feelings and moods will pass.  In moments of positivity or consolation it can be good practice to hold onto a memory and use it as an anchor when we inevitably find ourselves in a moment of negativity or desolation. 

An anchor can remind us to remain hopeful and resilient until we are grounded enough to manage the situation and remain true to ourselves and our values.  Anchors can be ways to get back into our core self and stay strong until the storm passes.  Anchors can be mantras, our core values, and positive memories of love and connection. Anchors serve as signposts to remember our true self in difficult moments when it may be tempting to be inauthentic or act in ways that betray our best self. 

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