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Experience Transformation with Lieser Counseling Services

Philosophy Of Care

Our wholistic approach of body, mind and spirit, guides us to see the inherent worth and dignity of each client.  As we enter into the therapeutic process we seek to uncover the true self.  This occurs within a safe space conducive towards a vulnerable exchange between both client and therapist.  At Lieser Counseling Services we seek to assist our clients in their need for growth and development, especially regarding areas of emotional expression and vulnerability, healthy relationships and an ability to engage in true connection with others.  We have found that the ability to be your true self with others is the most important factor to develop a healthy mind, body and spirit.


Through our eclectic approach we draw upon a variety of counseling theories that align to your own unique needs. 

We specialize in areas pertaining to:

·       Men’s issues,

·       LGBTQIA community,

·       EMDR and Trauma informed

·       Gottman Trained couples therapy

·       Sexual and spiritual healing

As we uncover your truest self and reframe overwhelming struggles into issues that are manageable, there is a sense of peace and joy that comes forth.  From this awareness of one’s own beauty and strength there arises deeper confidence and motivation to go forth and contribute to the world in new and beautiful ways.  The result of our work is one that brings forth deep joy, true connection and ultimately more meaning and wellbeing in life.    

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