Matthew Lieser LCPC Owner / Psychotherapist

My Story

From the Peace Corps in Guatemala, to international business with a fortune 500 company, to 6 years in religious life, my paradigm is one of compassion for those that are deemed less by society and those that endure injustice and suffering.  My approach to counseling is to release you from undue suffering based on a false sense of identity in order to uncover your true self and deepest desires.


I believe there are many paths to fulfillment however the same formula that works for each of us; a sense of connection and intimacy with others and purpose which drives our actions.  The key to connection and purpose lies in each session as we collaboratively work to uncover your authentic self and overcome obstacles that prevent authentic living.     


I hold a degree in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University and have over 9 years of experience in mental health counseling. 


I specialize in:

•    Adolescents & young adults

•    LGBTQ

•    Couples, sexuality, healthy relationships

•    EMDR Trauma informed therapy

  • The Enneagram and spiritual work.                                                                 

I offer:

•    Bilingual counseling in Spanish

•    Certification as a spiritual director 

•    Training in Ignatian discernment and decision making skills

•    Skills for introspection and outward analysis

•    Self- talk that heals wounds

•    Mindfulness techniques to help manage pain

•    Discerning your truth and clarity from the lies that surround you 



My clients, no matter their gender and orientation learn to love deeply, live fully, and find a passion to share their internal gifts and beauty with whom they come into contact.  Expect to grow in self-awareness, purity of intention and a life free of undue suffering and disappointment. Meaning, purpose and transformation should be a part of everyone’s journey.

Lee Hubbell Headshot.jpg

Lee Hubbell LPC

My Story

Mind, body and spirit; I believe that all three work together and when we start to heal one of these areas the other areas can begin to heal also.  My vision is one  that incorporates mind, body and spirit  as the optimal condition for growth, healing and wholeness. 


I operate from a belief that deep in our core we are whole, healthy and healed. I think that our world, society and past experience bruise us, but we are never fully broken. We all have the capacity to heal and to live a life of wholeness, joy, and freedom. 

Getting in touch with the things that block us from that core of wholeness is necessary to heal and experience joy and freedom. 

I work with clients to identify, and remove those things that block us  from living an authentic life. My goal is to help clients reclaim their true self, their divine core, which I believe is already within you awaiting our discovery. 


I specialize in helping gay men heal the wounds of childhood trauma in order to navigate the world as a healthy and whole person.  My other specialties include couples therapy, reconciling faith and sexuality,  issues associated with the LGBTQ community around addiction and recovery related issues.  

I use a variety of techniques but ground my practice in incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy and spiritual guidance as a path toward healing.


My goal is that my clients are able to live a life that is happy, joyous and free.  

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, with Degrees in Pastoral Counseling and Divinity from Loyola University Chicago. I also have  a BA in Elementary/Special Education and a Masters degree in Elementary Education, MEd,  from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette.